Monday, May 6, 2013

So I skipped April... Sue me.

Hey internet,

Been about a month since my last post but I haven't forgotten about the blog. Just been really busy and was waiting for lots of good/bad/any news with which to share with everyone.

RPG Maker DC is coming along nicely. We will be setting up some alpha testing and previews soon and I've already started play testing it with one of the groups I game with. It's been well received and I've gotten a lot of good feedback just from the little bit of testing that we've done so far. I'm anxious to get it fleshed out some more and see how it goes, but mostly I'm really anxious to get a lot of feedback on it and get it released. It's very exciting! Beyond that I am doing support tickets more often now. I'm not a super fan of support tickets, but I do really enjoy helping people out so it is balanced. Plus, I'm moderately good at it so that always makes things a bit less stressful.

Speaking of gaming, we've recorded two more sessions from our main Pathfinder group. You can listen to the second one HERE and the third one HERE. It's going awesomely and I'm anxious to see what our GM has cooked up for the big finale of this story arc. It should be fantastic! We'll find out Saturday! In other gaming news we totally had a small LAN party. We played *GAME NAME DELETED BECAUSE OF HOW MUCH IT SUCKED*, MegaGlest, Team Fortress 2, and Armegatron Advanced. Regardless of whether the games were fun or not, we all had an insanely good time and we're looking forward to doing it again soon. Also Ash and I have discovered just how awesome Steam is and we're totally more PC gamers now than I think we've ever really been. It's a lot of fun and very pretty because graphics and mods and the T.A.R.D.I.S. in Skyrim. Yeah, I said it. The freakin' T.A.R.D.I.S.

Band update! The band I'm in is doing really, really well. We've got five original songs all set up and one cover song thus far. Whenever we get a couple more songs we can start doing shows and I think I will explode from excitement when we get to start playing finally. I can't wait and it should be an awesome show. The band's name is Turnien (it's an alternate spelling of Ternion which essentially means a rare group of three, a company of three, three of something, etc.) which is fitting because we have three members and we rock three times as much as other bands. Probably. Regardless it's been hard on my voice at first, but I'm getting back into practice and it's sounding really good but most importantly the three of us (me especially) are having a blast playing this stuff. It's fun, very light atmosphere and it's just great times.

I've had a weird decrease in guitar students lately. Normally they come and go as they please, but this is really the first time in a long time that I've had so many just stop showing up all around the same time. It's made finances a bit harder, but also makes me question my teaching ability and methods. Still, I will keep on keepin' on because money and the love of the work. On the plus side the lack of students does give me more time to work on other projects like gaming-related stuff (I'm involved in three tabletop RPG groups currently and I GM two of those, one of which is alpha testing RPG Maker DC which means I'm making stuff as I go), band stuff, work stuff, and most importantly getting to spend time with Harl which is always the highlight of my day.

That's all for now internet. Signing off!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tentacle party!

Hey internet,

So first order of business! A project that I've been working on for quite a while has finally been announced: RPG Maker DC! I am really excited about this project as I am a huge fan of tabletop RPGs and getting to design one myself is a blast. I'm readily awaiting the chance to play-test it with a group of friends.

Next order of business would be that our every-other-weekly Pathfinder game was recorded this week for #TableTopDay and it was hilarious. I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on it and if anyone at all likes it we'll make this a regular thing and just start uploading these as they happen. You can grab the MP3 (or just listen to it) by clicking this link HERE. The picture this time around is the picture of the oddly shaped ship that Daniel drew for us. The ship is owned by my character.

Also Mike, Zach and I had our first band practice on Friday. It went amazingly well! We completely wrote one song and half-wrote two or three more. I'm very anxious to see where it goes and how much we can manage to accomplish with the group. It tore my voice up a bit because I'm so out of practice vocally, but I am nearly recovered now and ready to get back in there and have at it some more. The songs we came up with were a mix of heavy rock, super fast punk, and... blues? Yeah, we did a blues jam. It was so much fun.

Beyond that not a whole lot going on at the moment. Got some more work to do this week, and a lot more work to do on RPG Maker DC. Now I just have to find the time to do it all!

Wish me luck internet. Wish. Me. Luck.