Saturday, January 21, 2012

I have returned! Again...

Yeah, I'm aware it has been a while since I last bothered to scribble something down on this void of a website that no one visits. I've been incredibly busy though. Also incredibly not busy. The 'not busy' part came first.

So I was living with my mom for a while. A long while. I really couldn't work on much while I was there. I did some work on a video game, and I finished Undead Fantasy. For the most part though, I was busy focusing on my girlfriend Harl (Not her real name, but she tends to like going by Harl Chaotic on the net). Eventually she moved in with us and then it was just about impossible to get stuff done because of the small house, lack of privacy, and just generally not having the time or inspiration to sit down and work on anything.

More recently though, we have been incredibly busy moving into our own place which (thankfully) involved relocating to Lawrence, KS. My home. It feels so good to be back... More on that later. We ended up taking a trip down to Florida to pick up Harl's stuff. I got to visit Disneyland! Very cool. We just walked around Epcot for the day checking out all of the different countries and things but it was so much fun. Long story short; we got her stuff, we moved to Lawrence, and now we're working on the 'Happily Ever After' of the tale.

I'm trying to start giving guitar lessons and looking for other various things to do to keep me busy and earn some cash. I'm also working on a new album. There should be a short demo of one of the songs I'm working on in the ReverbNation player on the main page of the site. Go check it out. It's called "Distrust - Demo". Look for a lot more work on that to come in the near future.

Beyond music I'm also still working on video games. I'm not working on anything for the Xbox 360 anymore, but I am developing ideas for PC games and Side Arm Arena is still very much in the works. I also have lately had the urge to write again, so I may end up working on something in that area.

The important thing is, I'm back. Prepare yourself for the awesome and document the experience.


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