Monday, July 23, 2012

The Nothing Battles for RPG/IG Maker!

The entire album is currently available through Enterbrain/Degica's website for only $4.99! That price is only going to last two weeks though so if you want the tunes you should grab them up quick. Here's an awesome page made just for that purpose (also includes music samples and some great info about the pack).

For those of you finding my site through RPG Maker I welcome you, and promise lots more awesome music in the future. The Nothing Battles wasn't really created for RPG/IG Maker, but it worked out in such a way that setting up the album for use in those programs ended up being a great project and I really do hope to hear some of my music in your games! Future projects released through Enterbrain/Degica will be aimed more towards video game presentations and have more of a focus on melodies and emotion so be sure to check out future releases and definitely check out The Nothing Battles.

Also I would ask that everyone be open and feel free to tell me your opinions, comments, criticisms, etc. I love feedback and it'll help me as I work on future projects. Thanks for checking out a little piece of my world!

Rock on,
Kain Vinosec

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