Monday, March 11, 2013

Being busy is crazy business... And business is busy.

Hey internet,

It was a ridiculously busy weekend! My mom showed up on Thursday and we had a blast for a couple of days eating at nifty restaurants and spending way too much money (SO worth it), then my brother and his family showed up on Saturday. The entire time my brother was here he worked on my cars. I felt bad, but that was the main reason for them coming up and he totally got paid so I suppose it's a thing that happens. Still, it'd have been nice to actually visit with him some.

The good news is that both of my cars are up and running again! It was so nice to drive the Camaro for a bit without it smelling like burnt oil the entire time. Also windshield wipers are important! It's nice to see in the rain. Can't really drive the Camaro until I get the tag in (it's ordered and paid for, just hasn't shown up in the mail yet) but it's ready to go and that takes a lot of worrying off of my mind.

Beyond that, it's a busy week for work. I've gotten a bunch of new students it seems, and my boss at Degica has me working on all sorts of nifty projects and things! It's great to make the money, but I'm finding that my time is stretched really thin and I end up missing Harl quite a bit when I am so busy. =( Still, I cherish every second I get to spend with her and we do make time for each other every day even if it is just a bit. The plus side of all this is that I really need the money right now, so work work work!

As far as gaming goes, I'm a bit worried about this Shadowrun game I'm supposed to be GMing on Wednesday. Could be a bit challenging considering that I haven't had time to do pretty much anything on it yet, but my friend Ricky and I are going to be working stuff out on Wednesday just before the game to get our heads into it and really figure out what all the game is about and how it works. Should be fun!

We also tried out those new board games we had bought. Carcassonne is now one of my favorite games. I love it. There is a lot of strategy and it's really easy to stay caught up even if you feel like you're falling behind so it's one of those games that you're in to win until it's over. Frag was a challenge and thus far has taken most of us to feeling a bit awkward about it. I really like it, but I think it'll be more interesting if I can try out some house rules with it and maybe play with a team of fighters instead of just one on one. We tried a team match last night and that went okay, but if you unbalance your stats it seems like you can't really compete. Very easy to exploit weaknesses, especially low health or speed. Accuracy seems to be quite the useless stat when you can't survive and/or catch anyone long enough to fire off multiple attacks. I'd also be fun to come up with a capture-the-flag scenario for it. Tsuro is great fun and a really quick game. Very nice presentation in it, and the materials all give you a great feeling of quality and awesomeness. Evo is grandiose and amazing. There is a ton of strategy, a dash of luck, and a lot of competition involved in it. Plus, dinosaurs fighting each other. Oh, and the entire game revolves around what the weather is doing which seems really weird for a board game but it is such a great mechanic and it goes along so well with all of the other parts of the game. I highly recommend it and am anxious to play it some more especially with Harl in two-player mode.

That's about it for now. More on the life of Kain as it develops!

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