Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is the day that I did work!

Hey internet,
It has been a very productive, very long day. Plus, it was pretty fun. I got to work on some really neat projects with my boss most of the day, and had an awesome bass lesson thrown in the middle of it that went really well.

We got some new games in the mail that I'm super excited for: Frag (Gold Edition), Evo, Carcassonne, and Tsuro. Didn't have a chance to play any today because Harl's schedule is a bit wonky (though in all fairness mine is too), but I am having my first meeting with a new RPG group tomorrow to discuss what system we want to play (really hoping for Robotech!) and we will be playing board games to get to know each other. Should be a lot of fun!

On the down side, my mom is actually having a really rough time with finances and having to move around and switch jobs and stuff. She's super strong and really awesome, but like the rest of us she can get a bit down sometimes. Still, I have total faith in her and I know she'll come through this and everything will be fine because she's just nifty like that. She works hard, doesn't settle, and lives her life her way. She's quite the inspiration.

I was very near to having the same kinda week but luckily I got a ton of extra work going on today that is really going to help out with finances come April. Still have more to do tomorrow too, so that's definitely a good thing. Plus I've actually had a bit of an influx in guitar students lately which is always nice. Usually doesn't amount to a lot of money but that extra bit helps make the week go by a little easier, and I feel like I'm really doing something super positive when I'm giving lessons. Sharing knowledge, educating those with the desire (and money) to learn... It truly is a fantastic thing and I think even if I were rich and never needed the money again I would still probably give lessons whenever I could because it's just that amazing.

That's about it for the day though! More updates to come (if I can keep up with the blog posts) as the week goes on. In the meantime, here is a picture of our toilet. Because it's the best picture ever and it makes me smile to myself every time I walk in there and see it (also this will be the first time I've used the picture function in my blog so it'll be neat to see how well that works).

EDIT: It actually works really well. Woot!

Rock on!

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