Thursday, March 14, 2013

Just keep working, just keep working...

Hey internet,

I am almost done working for the month. Looking forward to this weekend so I can take a bit of a break and then I will probably be back to working again on Monday though hopefully with a less hectic schedule than my current "DO ALL THE THINGS!" schedule.

Harl's spring break is next week and we are planning some fun nights with friends and things but I think I am most looking forward to this Friday evening where we get to spend some much needed time "together, alone" catching up and relaxing some. Also that was a song title reference. Get your minds out of the gutter.

My Wednesday sessions of tabletop RPGs are not off to a great start, however I am hopeful for next week as all the current players should be in attendance to start the campaign. We chose to play Shadowrun (1st. Edition) and it's pretty neat to look through the old books and see some of the stuff they came up with in the late 80's for the game. I'm really looking forward to GMing this one. Should be interesting.

Today was pretty awesome though as I got the tag in for my Camaro finally. Got to drive it to the game session and around town a bit. It was so amazingly nice to be able to get back into my car and drive it without being terrified of it not starting or not being able to make it home. I'm hoping that on Friday it will be warm enough that I can go out and put the decals I had bought for it on and get some new pictures of it looking smexy. Perhaps I will even have the chance to get it cleaned out and hop over to a car wash. In the meantime though, here's an old picture of it from when I first bought it!

Much like everyone noting that the T.A.R.D.I.S. is bigger on the inside the first time they see it, everyone that sees my car seems to respond with "It's very... yellow." which is quite alright with me. It is yellow, and it is also all mine. Also Harl's. We are planning to set aside some time over her break so that she can get used to driving it around some. She is a bit nervous, but I am sure she will do fine as it drives really well. Much better than you'd expect from an old-ish muscle car. Though with a V6 it is not really very muscle-y. On the plus side, saving on gas is certainly a fair trade for power these days.

Oh! In other working news, I got paid for my first guitar repair-ish kinda job today. I just set up the action on a student's guitar and made it play a bit better (also threw in a new tone knob as I had a spare lying around that exactly matched what she needed). Not a big fan of doing the repair side of things, but I am definitely a big fan of more money so I can't argue much. Hopefully she will be happy with it! I just did my best and am hoping that will be enough.

That's all for now internet. Stay awesome everyone!

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