Friday, March 22, 2013

Ice, ice, crazy...

Hey internet, So Harl and I were walking out to head to the store and we take a few steps on our sidewalk, and suddenly we're sliding all over the place. It's dark, and the cement looks wet, but in reality the entire sidewalk, parking lot, and anything that wasn't grass was pretty much covered in a thin and dangerous layer of ninja ice. We did not feel brave (or lucky) enough to make it across the parking lot to either of the cars, so we retired for the evening.

In other news, I helped Harl set up her own WordPress site today which I am sure she will reveal soon-ish. We picked a neat theme and did some minor customization to it so that it looks a bit spiffier and very colorful. I think she'll enjoy posting there quite a bit. Got another site that I'm designing for a friend that I'm hoping to get done soon-ish. It needs a lot of work, and it's hard to find the time to devote to it but I'm trying to find one solid day where I've got nothing else going on and I can just work solely on that to get it all finished and done properly. I think Thursday of next week sounds good so I'm going to shoot for that. Beyond that, I've got a lot of work lined up for Degica that I will need to start doing super soon. Should be able to jump into all of that next week as my schedule should settle down a bit.

I also haven't managed to get the Camaro cleaned up or decal'd yet, mainly because we lost the decals... Hopefully we'll find those soon. I am sure they are hiding in a closet or something. It is still just absolutely fantastic to be able to drive the car again though. I've been taking it out every chance I get.

As far as gaming is concerned, my tiny gaming group had our first Shadowrun session this week. It was a lot of fun! We just did a short mission but it was really enjoyable and rather hilarious at times. I'm really looking forward to where it will go. Our large gaming group (in which we play Pathfinder) is also doing well. Our last session was a bit awkward because of the number of people. It ended up going slow, but we got some neat things accomplished (my character stole a ship!) and everyone had a blast. I'm super looking forward to Saturday when we'll be doing our fifth (or sixth, I can't remember) Dr. Who marathon! Those are always fun and a great chance to hang out with our friend Collin whom we don't get to see nearly enough of anymore. Also we'll get to do some gaming that day before Dr. Who so that is definitely gonna be good times. Lastly we had an awesome gaming/classic Dr. Who night with another couple which went really well. They were pretty nifty and we're looking forward to hanging out with them again sometime soon.

I also got contacted by an old friend of mine, Mike D., about starting a band together. I've already been trying, and found a drummer but I haven't had a chance to meet the guy yet. Trying to coordinate the three of us to meet next Friday and I'm hopeful that we can make it work because it'd be awesome to jam with Mike again, and this new drummer sounds pretty awesome. If we can get to that point, I'll start posting vids of practices and stuff if at all possible.

Lastly I leave you with this amazingsauce picture of our cat, Baron Triforce von Ganondorf el Horde de Montoya of Star City (Triforce for short), owning this paper bag like it makes him the most interesting cat in the world.

 Peace out yo!

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