Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Welcome to the rock.

Hey internet,

We had a pretty neat Dr. Who marathon the other day. Lots of fun with our friends Ricky, Skyler and Kelsey. Collin, our guest of honor at these things, was unable to make it due to winter being a jerk and taking over spring. Snow. Everywhere. Though we are anxious to see Collin return to our every-other-weekly Pathfinder game. It's getting busy! We will have five players and a GM at that point. Should be good times though.

Speaking of RPGs, I am anxious for Shadowrun this week. Last week I put Ricky and Josh through mostly a test (We're playing First Edition old school stuff, so the rules are a bit... Um, convoluted?) to see how things kind of worked. This week though, I'll be coming up with a fuller adventure to keep them on their toes. Should be really interesting. I dig the setting of Shadowrun, I just really hate how overly complicated everything in it is. Especially when there isn't any need for it to be that complex.

In other news, I'm in a band! Again! With Mike D.! Again! I met Zach the drummer on Sunday who seems pretty awesome, and we have our first actual band practice all day Friday at Mike's place. I'm very excited and looking forward to jamming with some decent musicians again. It's been a long time. Way too long. Plus Mike is fantastic and always fun to hang out with. Hopefully sometime soon if things work out we'll have a band name, videos, songs, and all that other jazz that comes along with band-stuff soon. Or, if not, depression! Huzzah!

That's really the biggest news I have at the moment. Well, that and the fact that I've managed to catch up on a ton of emails tonight. Also I got word that a major project we've been working on over at RPG Maker has finally received an official "go", so expect to hear some official-ish news about that sometime soon! I hope. It's something I've been working on for a while now and I'm really excited about it. It should be a pretty big deal I think and I'm anxious to get it out into the world!

In nerdier news, I've started watching Star Trek Voyager of all things. The biggest surprise is that I'm really, really enjoying it. It feels very much like TNG but with a bit of Stargate Universe thrown in. Though not done anywhere nearly as horribly as Stargate Universe was. Just the whole being stranded and survival kinda storyline is great and Janeway is truly an awesome captain. I had never given the show a chance before, but watching it from the beginning it really is pretty darn good and I'm anxious to see where it goes. The doctor (nameless at this point) and Harry Kim are definitely my favorite characters. Though I'm also really enjoying Paris and Kes who is quite adorable.

Lots more news to come, lots more work to do, and lots more life to live!

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